Garment Graffiti

garment-graffiti-b-store-voorn-1I was in London a few weeks ago for my graduation and we took that opportunity to have a bit of a Christmas family holiday. One of the places I had to take my family was Savile Row. The street boasts traditional bespoke tailors and an insane Abercrombie and Fitch store (check it out, you’ll see what I mean!) . A recent addition to the street is an indie mens clothing store called b Store. What I thought was particularly interesting about this store was the garment graffiti inside (see picture above).  It was by Dutch multimedia artist Thomas Voorn. I love it when art is a little unexpected and original. Voorn’s art is definitely both of those and he puts them in quirky, unexpected places.

Cosmic Christian Ceremony

This my favourite piece that he did. It is a tribute to Christmas as a ‘Cosmic Christian Ceremony’. Funny.

Check out Thomas Voorn’s website for more garment grafitti. Also check out the b Store here.

Images my own.

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