Better Than Prozac?


I took this picture whilst taking a stroll down Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

Do you think truer words were ever written? Well, actually probably. But I think this chalkboard makes an interesting point about how we choose to approach these challenging economic times. I am trying particularly hard not to fall prey to the fear-mongering created by so many analysts and media outlets.

Now, I don’t want to make light to economic situation at all. It is very real and severe. People are suffering, losing their homes, unable to find employment and provide for their families. All the coffee in Brazil and tea in China will not change that. But I think our attitude and character during these times can determine so much.

And also… If every person stressed about the economy bought a cup of coffee, then we wouldn’t have to worry about bailing out the coffee industry. Starbucks will save us (?). Erm, yeah.

And you were wondering why Barack Obama has hired me as a senior economic advisor yet. I’m still waiting of that call Mr. President-elect. Any day now I’m sure. Just not on Tuesday, I’m a little busy then.

Maame x

Image my own.

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