My Picks from TOMS Shoes



I mentioned in a previous post that I would post my favourite shoes from TOMS. And here they are. I can’t wait to get a pair… so tempting to get all three. Especially, the ‘be the change’ shoes, they’ll be a nice philosophical reminder every day. The wrap boots are vegan and therefore no-cruelty – which is always a plus! And I just love everything silver and sequined. Unfortunately, I don’t live in SoCal, but instead wintery Copenhagen. So I’ll have to wait to spring to get them, alas. Below I’ve made a TOMS shoes inspiration board with photos by the incomparable CobraSnake.
TOMS Shoes via The Cobra Snake
TOMS Shoes via The Cobra Snake

 I guess we’ve been warned. Don’t enter any rat races in your TOMS.

Maame x

Image credit: TOMS and The Cobra Snake

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One Response to My Picks from TOMS Shoes

  1. Jen says:

    I love toms shoes and it’s for a great cause, I wrote abotu them a while back.

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