Getting In Your Space – The Selby

The Selby in your place.

The Selby is in your place.

I love this site called the The Selby. It’s great, because you get to snoop around the homes and offices of really creative and talented people. There are so many interior decorating ideas to be had. Most of the people photographed for The Selby think outside the box and make their space personal and individual. Todd Selby, the photographer behind the site, has a great eye for detail and composition. It’s just great photography. If you want to get inspired about changing up your interiors, get into someone’s place on The Selby.

Recently The Selby posted the photos of the Colette shop in Paris (I’m making a mental note to go see it in person when I’m next in Paris). I have so many favourites from the site, but today I’m really liking the downtown LA home of the girls behind Posso (spats), Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini.






Gotta love the bladerunner style windows

Gotta love the bladerunner windows

And I’ll definitely be posting more from this site in the future, because it’s so inspiring.

Maame x

Image credit: The Selby

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  1. Vintage Tea says:

    Love that site. So inspirational

    Please check out


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