Off Runway Style in Cph

There was also great style to be found off the runways during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Here are some of my favourites captured by the street-style bloggers Copenhagen Street Style. This blog is great, it shows that Copenhageners have such cool style. natalia-freelance-writer1


Apparently, the stunning dress worn by Natalia (in the top picture) is by 3.1 Phillip Lim (Thanks for the info Copenhagen Street Style!). I  also love the over-sized scarf worn by Susie from Stylebubble.

Facehunter, who seemed to be a staple at all of the week’s fashion shows, captured Copenhagen’s most unique fashion styles.  




At we get to see the behind-the-scenes styles of models and stylists. I am a big fan of their blog, it’s a a daily read for me – check it out, even though it’s in Danish.



To see more streetstyle shoots from Copenhagen go to Copenhagen Street Style, Facehunter and

Image credit: Copenhagen Street Style, Facehunter and

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