Marc Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs by Marc…

The fashion world’s collective breath is always bated in anticipation of what Marc Jacobs will show during New York fashion week. And this year Mr. Jacobs did not disappoint. Both of his collections, Marc Jacobs and the little sister line Marc by Marc Jacobs lived up to the hype. Some have even called the Marc Jacobs show the best of New York Fashion week. I have to say that I really liked it. The clothes may not be something that I would wear, but I do appreciate what Marc Jacobs has done. I love the 8os, but mostly I love how Marc Jacobs can commit to a theme and  make it coherent without being costumey. It might be little hard to see, because of the over-the-top styling and make-up, but the clothes are really wearable, individual and well done.


As always with Marc Jacobs it’s all in the detail. The two-tone graphic tights are fantastic. I also really like the sunglasses and the boots. Details such as lace, neon, broad shoulders and exposed zippers were starting to feel old to me as the seasons have worn on, but it feels fresh in this collection. Viva la 80s!


 I guess the Marc by Marc Jacobs AW09 collection settles it. I’m a Marc by Marc Jacobs kinda girl! I had a hard time picking my favourite looks, because I thought they were all great. I can’t wait until the clothes hit the stores so I can see them in person.  I’m guess I’m going to have to start saving now, so I can own a few of the items below. I especially liked the trousers in top left hand corner, the flannel dress below that, the purple dress in the top right hand corner… I could go on. I like everything, basically. marc-by-marc-jacobs-aw-09

The accessories and styling really make this collection. Again, the tights and socks are a nice touch. The collection has an outdoorsy, down-to-earth feel with all the hiker boots, Annie Hall-esque hats, corduroy and flannel (I have a love affair with flannel at the moment).

So what styling lessons can we learn from M by MJ for Autumn 2009? Well, layering is key, as long as you keep the silhouette pretty simple. Cue the waist-belts. Outfits are also far more interesting when there are unexpected details, such as fun tights, quirky brooches and vintage inspired scarves.


All in all a stellar showing from Marc Jacobs.

To see both collections go to or the official New York fashion week website. Also check out the Marc Jacobs website.

Maame x

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