The District Ep. 4: Team Barack World Tour

Team Barack take on the world and visit their BFFs (Japan, South Korea), frenemies (China) and bromance (Canada). This episode also features cameos from the cast of The Hills and The City, so random.

Check out the stare-down between Hillary and Chairman Kim Jong-il. (I didn’t know this, but apparently the Chairman’s father, Kim Il-sung,  who passed away in 1994 is the Eternal President of North Korea!… needless to say, ce n’est pas une démocratie). Anyhow, North Korea has been sending strong signals that it would like test nuclear missiles as part of its space development programme. The missiles that North Korea possess are designed to reach as far as Alaska in the US, but have not yet been tested. Secretary of State Clinton said that the nuclear testing would be ‘very unhelpful’, to say the least! If North Korea chooses to continue with the testing, it will be in violation of UN Security Council resolutions and it is very likely that more sanctions will be imposed on North Korea. Clearly, it is in the world’s best interest that North Korea put an end to their nuclear ambitions, but it will be a touchy and thorny diplomatic process. I think Hillary’s up to the task though.

Maame x

Video credit: Newsweek via Youtube

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