Sucker for good marketing

Advertising companies prey on people like me! I haven’t craved a pair of sneakers, since the Adidas Superstar craze when I was a teenager. But one of the pairs below is a definite prospect for my summer sneaker.



Why is it always Adidas that does this to me? At least I’m aware of it (isn’t that half the battle?). It’s no accident that I suddenly want a pair of Adidas sneakers, it’s in large part due to these videoes.

This looks like the coolest house party that I, erm, wasn’t invited to. Oversight surely. Even the invitation is kick-ass.

The song in the (first) video is currently my favourite. The original is by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (think: My Girl, Bye bye baby, Can’t take my eyes off of you, I’ve got you under my skin, Grease!…). Pilooski did an amazing re-edit of Beggin’. I posted the full video below, it features some great dance moves from now and back then. Tune!

Be sure to look up Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons back catalogue, so many gems to be re-found. Check out the Adidas Originals site as well (I hope you have more will power than me). Congratulations on your 60 Years of Soles Adidas!

Maame x

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