Money Talks, Sex Sells


This is the event my friend and I have been working recently, it’s called: Money Talks, Sex Sells: The Quiet Injustice of Human Trafficking. It is going to be a photography exhibition and charity fundraiser for some great organisations that are working to end human trafficking. We will be supporting The A21 Campaign, which does great work in Greece and Reden International (The Nest), which is a well-known local charity here in Copenhagen. We are also working with a new charity that works with trafficked women in Sandholmlejren (which is Denmark’s largest asylum center). We want to bring more awareness to the issue, especially in Copenhagen where we really can’t ignore this any longer.

We finally have a date for the event, 30th of April 2009! And it’ll be held in a great gallery in Kødbyen (The Meatpacking District). So keep the date free! More details to follow soon.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, sponsoring us or having your photography exhibited, then send us an email at: quietinjustice [at]

Until then check out our blog:

Maame x

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