Twesitval Revisited + Social Entrepreneurship

Almost a month ago I went to a really unique charity event called Twestival. The event was remarkable because it was organised entirely through Twitter and 100% by volunteers and for the benefit of charity: water. There were over 200 Twestival parties happening simultaneously across the world. The organisers were given just over 3 weeks to organise their parties and the result was incredible! Twestival raised over $250 000 USD for charity: water. The money will go to building 55 wells in Ethiopia, Uganda and India that will serve over 17 000 people. I think that is fantastic. It also shows the possibilities for social networking technologies and Twitter has the ability to mobilize people to action.


Copenhagen Twestival raised 15 000 Dkr (approx. $2500 USD)

New York Twestival raised over $24 000 USD

New York Twestival raised over $24 000 USD

Charity: water founder, Scott Harrison shared some of his thoughts on the use of social media by entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in this article. When asked if he sees social media as the future for entrepreneurs, Harrison stated that he does. This is because social networking tools are ‘scalable’, most tools (such as Facebook, Twitter, SocialVibe, Youtube) are free and easy to set up. It also allows the entrepreneur to reach people they may not normally have reached. Social media also allows content to be spread virally. However, Harrison stresses the importance of having really good content and that social media will not fix a company’s inability to tell its story. At charity: water they put in a lot of effort to make sure their content in fresh and engaging. This was the key point that I took away from the article. It is important to provide good, fresh and interesting content. It is also important to be able to communicate your message simply and effectively. So social media is the future, you just got to know how to use it.

P.S. As a result of Twestival, I joined Twitter. You can follow me here.

Maame x

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