Falling Whistles



The two items above would be great fashion staples in anyone’s closet. But they are so much more than that! The whistle necklace ($30) and the tee ($20) are two ways that you can help bring restoration and peace to the ongoing civil conflict and humanitarian emergency in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sean Carusso, the founder of Falling Whistles, tells the story of child soldiers, the Invisible Children, in the midst of the civil war in DR Congo. These child soldiers have been abducted, beaten and forced to kill by Nkunda’s rebel army. If the boys were too small to be able to hold a gun, they were simply given a whistle and sent out to the front line. Falling whistles is the only destiny available to them as they feign death or die. Sean tells the story of how he and his crew were able to work with the UN and UNICEF to bring about the escape of 5 of the former child soldiers. Falling Whistles was founded out of that experience. The organization now partners with other organizations such as YOLE, which uses art to rehabilitate the former child soldiers.

It is easy to feel helpless and a little apathetic about an injustice that has been raging away for several years and is hundreds of miles away. But that is why I think Falling Whistles is so incredible. It gives us allthe opportunity to engage with the issue. Falling Whistles asks us to be the whistlesblowers on this injustice.




I know that I definitely want to own that whistle necklace and ‘blow the whistle’ on injustices such as this one.  Be sure to check out their online store.

Please go to their website www.fallingwhistles.com and read the inspirational story for yourself. You can also check out their great blog here.

Image credit: Falling Whistles

Maame x

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