Oh Land

‘Heavy Eyes’ is currently on my playlist (it’s literally been on repeat all morning). The song is by up-and-coming singer Oh Land. Oh Land, whose real name is Nanna Øland Fabricius, is actually a classically trained ballerina. However, her career in ballet was stopped short by a back injury. She then turned her attention towards music. The 23 year old Danish singer had never  composed music until she recorded her debut album. I think the result is remarkable. I really love electronica and progressive music, so this is right up my alley. Oh Land is currently promoting her album at music festival SxSW, so I wish her the best of luck with that. Her debut album Fauna is available on iTunes.







She’s a definite style and music inspiration. Check out her Oh Land’s Myspace page here.

Maame x

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One Response to Oh Land

  1. Laroux says:

    She looks oh so beautiful


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