Noir Illuminati II


Noir Illuminati II is a Danish luxury fashion label with a conscience. The brand is based on a forward-thinking and ethical business model. Peter Ingwersen, the head designer, founded Noir in 2005 and remains committed to upholding the human rights standards set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the UN Global Compact. All of the textiles used by Noir Illuminati 2 are Fair Trade and organic. Furthermore, the company has recently begun to produce it’s own certified organic Fair Trade cotton in Uganda with the help of Danida (The Danish Development Agency). The thing I find most inspiring about Noir Illuminati II is the fact that the company has not comprised. Noir produces beautiful, cutting-edge clothes that are still ethical and socially responsible. They are also blazing a trail for the rest of the fashion world.

The company consists of 3 major sections Noir, Bllack and Illuminati 2. Noir is the high-end flagship collection; Bllack is the more budget friendly diffusion line that targets the younger eco-savvy woman and Illuminati II is their luxury organic cotton brand. The designs are very sleek amd ultra sophiscated with a bit of rock-and-roll thrown in for good measure. Below I’ve posted some of their look for Spring Summer 09.


“We want to be known as the first brand to bring sophistication and sexiness to corporate social responsibility”, says Peter Ingwersen, the founder of NOIR.Illuminati II.  That’s a goal well within their reach!


Check out the Noir Illuminati II website here.

Maame x

Image credit: Noir Illuminati II

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