My friend posted this video on Facebook and I thought I’d share it with you all. The documentary is called ‘I.O.U.S.A’ and it sheds light on the US economy and the accumulated debt and deficits. It is really shocking and sobering. Also well worth watching. Reuters says ‘I.O.U.S.A.’ is “to the U.S. economy what ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was to the environment.’ The movie gets a lot of input from economic greats such as former US Treasury Secretaries Paul O’Neill and Robert Rubin, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan and billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Buffet also explains what trade deficits mean in a fun and simple presentation.

This movie is important, because whether we like it our not most countries in the world are dependant on a healthy US economy. I suppose my only concern about the movie was that is was very alarmist and didn’t really give much hope to the situation. Perhaps the goal was to create awareness and concern, but I was left thinking, so now what? Let me know your thoughts on the movie. You can also buy and watch the full version of the documentary.

Maame x

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