Lauren Pierce


Lauren Pierce Spring 09 Collection

Lauren Pierce is the debut fashion collection designed by Lauren Bush (niece of former President Bush). Lauren is  a Princeton graduate, former model and an ambassador for the UN’s World Food Programme. She has taken courses at Parsonsand Central Saint Martins and been an intern for Zac Posen. She is also David Lauren’s (Ralph Lauren’s son) girlfriend. So she is pretty well grounded in the fashion world and knows a thing or two. Lauren has had great success with the FEED bags, which she designed for the WFP. Buying 1 FEED bag will feed 1 child for 1 year and the price is a reasonable $30. The FEED bags have brought about also awareness and progress on the issue of world hunger. I don’t doubt that her new endeavour ‘Lauren Pierce’ will be another success.

Lauren Bush modelling the FEED bag

The Lauren Pierce collection itself is pretty simple, but it is well done. The beauty of the collection is in the texiles and materials used.  The collection has Africa fabrics, 100% cotton, designed and dyed by women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The clothes were also made of Hemp Silk and Bamboo, which are both very environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. I’m a huge fan of fashion with a conscience, so it’s no surprise that I liked this new collection. 

With every collection 10% of the profits go to support a cause that affects women in the countries, where the materials were sourced from.  For example, the Spring 09 collection will support Women for Women International, an organisation that works in the Democratic Republic of Congo and helps women in post-conflict or conflict environments.

I am eager to see how her line progresses in the future. Be sure to check out the full collection on their website: Click here to learn more about the FEED Foundation and to buy FEED bags. For more on Women For Women International go here.

Maame x

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One Response to Lauren Pierce

  1. Sarah & Tim says:

    wow, what an eclectic collection! i can feel the bohemian vibe. very cool that it’s made from such natural products.

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