What would you attempt to do?


This picture got me thinking a lot.  I want to live fearlessly. Shouldn’t we all live life that way, as if failure didn’t exist and that we could pursue everything we wanted without hesitation or worry. I want to live more like that. So, what would you do?

Maame x

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2 Responses to What would you attempt to do?

  1. Jessica says:

    Depending on my mood I would either skydive naked (save the parachute) or, if the definition of “fail” meant not get caught and go to jail, I would rig the lottery by placing ping pong balls stickered with only one number in each basket – like basket 1 has balls with only #2 and basket 2’s balls only have #17… so it wouldn’t matter which one fell out into the slot – it would match my ticket. And I would win.

  2. maamea says:

    Haha. That’s great!

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