Style Muse: Christine Centenera

christine centenera

This lady has been popping up on street style and fashion blogs all over. I first saw her on The Satorialist and Garance Dore in YSL boots and a leather zipper dress (see picture above). I loved that outfit and especially the zipper detail. Then I saw her again (on The Satorialist of course) at Paris Fashion Week wearing a Balmain jacket, colourful Josh Goot dress and her trusty YSL boots. I was so inspired by that outfit that I posted it as a style inspiration. So naturally I wanted to find out who’s that girl? And I did. Her name is Christine Centenera and she is a Fashion Editor and stylist for Harper’s Baazar Australia.

christine centenera imp

I love the rock and roll sensibility of her style. Apparently she is ‘a self-confessed sucker for anything with studs, metal detailing of patent leather. Perferably all three at once’. She also considers her ‘insanely high’ instep a genetic gift that means that she cannot wear flat shoes! (Source: Harper’s Bazaar Australia). I thought that was pretty amusing. Even though Christine wears a lot of high-end designers, such as Balmain, YSL and Gucci, she still seems really approachable. I think that is a triumph of great style! She is definitely a worthy style muse.

Maame x

Image credits: The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Facehunter, etc – via The Fashion Spot

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7 Responses to Style Muse: Christine Centenera

  1. dukeandlarn says:

    Indeed, bravo, amazing style.



  2. elena says:

    I completely agree! She is amazing at putting her pieces together just right. I only wish I saw her in pictures smiling generously, just once! 😉 Great post.

  3. Hello,

    I happen to browse the net looking for new pix about Christine Centenera. Wow wow wow ! I love her style. Than look up on this site and saw your banner… love it… I am from montreal and also looking for inspiration. Your blog will sure speed things up for me. Great job…

    I pass by more often

    Au revoir de Montreal

    Marjorie x0x0

  4. Bella Luna says:

    I love her style the jacket she wore with the JG dress is old season Gucci not Balmain

  5. Dina's Days says:

    Look at those heels!! She’s simply stunning.

  6. jen says:

    just discovered her today and love her already.

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