The MeatMarket: Art Against Injustice

The MeatMarket: Art Against Injustice

Here’s a little something that I have been working on with friends of mine – The MeatMarktet: Art Against Injustice.

The MeatMarket is an event the fuses photography, art and music to bring awareness to the cause of human trafficking. We will be raising money for a local charity called HopeNow that works against human trafficking in Copenhagen.

The MeatMarket takes place on the 20th of May at 8pm.

The event is in collaboration with Karriere Bar, Jolene’s, V1 gallery and Kontraframe on Flæsketorvet in Kødbyen.

See you there. For more info see our Facebook Page

Let’s Stop The Human MeatMarket

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3 Responses to The MeatMarket: Art Against Injustice

  1. Dina's Days says:

    This is great. And I love your ad. Very well done

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