Cover To Cover: You’ve Got The Love

I love Florence + The Machine in a big way. I also happen to love the song she covered called ‘You’ve Got The Love’. I remember it from when I was younger – I loved it then and I love it now. Recently I have be stumbling across a lot of cover songs that I’m feeling just as much as the originals, simply because they bring something new to the table and allow me get a new perspective on a beloved song. So I’m going to introduce a section in the blog called Cover To Cover and just talk a bit about why I love a particular song (cover & original). ‘

You’ve Got The Love’ seems like the perfect song to start with. It’s a song that resonates with me completely. The lyrics talk about God’s love and faith and the track just makes me want to sing and dance everytime. It was originally this 80’s soul and gospel song with Candi Staton. Then it was covered in the 90s into an electronic driven track by The Source, which the version that I grew up with and loved. And now the song has be coverd by Florence + The Machine giving it an indie rock and alternative edge. What a versatile song! Just goes to show that great music is not defined by particular a time, artist or arrangement.


Maame x

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